Evaluation from organisations report

Here we have evaluation reports from organisations. We asked from organisations to send us report for the whole program and we are having here all the answers that we took either from organisation or from participants


01/08/2015 18:14

CCAFAF in Cyprus, report from Malta's group leader, Mrs Myriam Soler

Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion, Youth Exchange;  MALTA Taking a wider meaning of the term “Fashion” it is my observation that the fashion Maltese teenagers spend their summer holidays has changed along these past three decades. Back in the seventies, it was the norm for sixth formers to...
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12/31/2014 13:51

CCAFAF In Cyprus, Platres, Report from Romania (Catalin Grosu)

 This exchange was just perfect and i could say for sure that i experienced some great feelings. I have met amazing people full of positivity. It was not only a trip where i have found out new things about climate, but also i have had a lot of fun together with people from 6 other countries. I...
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11/16/2014 17:43

CCAFAF in Platres, Cyprus. REPORT by Ann Saks, Estonia

During the last week of august 70 participants from seven different countries participated in a youth exchange called „Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion“.  Hopefully everybody agrees that it was great time with great people. Here you will see the Estonian participants’ emotions and thoughts...
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10/21/2014 07:56

CCAFAF: Fun and Education (Tonia Christofi, participant from Cyprus)

Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion was both an educational and a fun project to be involved in. During the whole process we manage to get informed around the issue of Climate Change with a different approach which enabled us to understand and get concerned for the problem while we were having fun....
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10/19/2014 15:02

Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion: Evaluation Report (Kalia Paridi, Cyprus)

Education in the 21st century has a multileveled role to serve and several goals to meet. Specifically, <Learning to Live>, <Learning to Do and to initiate>, <Learning to Be oneself>, <Learning to Live Together> and <Learning to know and communicate>, are the 4...
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10/18/2014 20:45

Feelings (Antoaneta Pophlebarova, Bulgarian Youth Leader)

A letter to facebook group Dear Sir Nikolas - Master of Ceremony! On behalf of the Bulgarian team we would like to express our thanks and admiration to You personally for organizing, hosting, instructing and animating such a PERFECT youth exchange! At our age, when we have not travelled much, it is...
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10/18/2014 20:27

The Vista School Rap on Climate Change

The Vista School Rap on Climate change (presented in Cyprus by our team) The change of climate looms ahead All the planet might be dead. If we close our eyes and live like that Life of future generations will be bad. Droughts and floods, hurricane and landslide, It is the truth that no one...
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10/18/2014 20:09


Is the climate changing as quickly as fashion? This question tried to answer a group of Salesian High School students along with their teachers during the project "Youth exchange", which was entitled "Climate changes as fast as fashion" and was held on 24-31 August. in the mountains of Platres in...
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10/18/2014 20:08

Final Report on the behalf of BalkanKids Foundation regarding Climate Change As Fast As Fashion Programme

CCAFAF project was an adventure for a lifetime not only for the teenagers, but also for us - the leaders. It all started in July when we took part in a contest. Participants had to form teams in order to create three logos connected with the topic of the camp. Our next task was to prepare a poster...
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10/18/2014 20:08

CCAFAF (Lefki Nikolaou, Cyprus)

It is wonderful to learn together with people from different countries. This is what happened at Platres, Cyprus between 24th and 31st of August. Ten persons from Cyprus Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia and Austria met in the heart of Cypriot mountains, in a camp...
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