CCAFAF In Cyprus, Platres, Report from Romania (Catalin Grosu)

12/31/2014 13:51

 This exchange was just perfect and i could say for sure that i experienced some great feelings. I have met amazing people full of positivity. It was not only a trip where i have found out new things about climate, but also i have had a lot of fun together with people from 6 other countries. I love to dance and here i have learnt at least 3 new traditional dances from Cyprus, Estonia and Austria. I have never imagined that in one week you can get so close and attached of someone you've never seen before. I miss the way we have spent that week, so let's do it again!


 There are places that remind us of the joy to be a child, to explore, to be curious, to believe in fairytales. I experienced this wonderful feeling when I was walking through the Troodos Mountains from Cyprus. Far away from the Cyprus beaches, deep in the forest. Like something out of a framework from a movie: cedar and pine forests of the Troodos Mountains are a place of a captivating beauty.


After this great experience from Cyprus where I met young people from Estonia, I wanted very much to know their country too. As a proof that this project was more than an exchange i still keep in touch with some people from there, so i really got some amazing friends. Cyprus Project was the biggest one that I have ever participated: 73 people for one week , 73 people with desire to share their personal experiences, 73 people who ate at the same table, 73 people who have actively participated in projects to save the planet, 73 people who had a lot of entertaining.

We don't have to forget that we had an amazing summer: solidarity regarding the humanities concerns, friendships and fun moments.


Best greetings to all the participants!