Activities, Results and outcomes

In this page you will find all the informations about all the Activities that are done during the whole time of the Program.

Activities, Results and Outcomes


Aproximate Date



April 2014

Create a group in Facebook with all the trainers / leaders participating in the project for an easier exgange of  ideas or questions about the program and for better communication, thought sharing and actions. For the moment the group is closed but is going to open after the exchange. The facebook group page inj the following group


End of April

Preparation meeting in Cyprus from the leaders of each group  to prepare the planning details. Details you will find in the page for the APV meeting


May 2014

Contest Logo for our project ‘CCAFAF’. Details you will find in page with Logo Contest


May 2014

Teaching course about new Information, communication, technology (ICT) methods (actually teaching of how to make a web page or using programs that they will need for the project). Details you will find in partners actions.


June 2014

Do a research to find places which reflect the effects of Global Warming. Organize a road trip, respectively in every country, to visit and take photos of these areas. Details you will find in partners actions


May – July 2014

Lectures and discussions from specialists, informing the participants about global Warming and Climate Changes. details you will find in partners actions.

CYPRUS: In Cyprus we will have 2 lectures (both will be given by a specialist from the Environmental Department of Institute of Cyprus, in Nicosia).

POLAND: In Poland a lecture will be given by a scientist from the department of Faculty of Earth Science and Environmental Management, University of Wroclaw. During  the meetings there will be discussions I order to help young participants to solve all the questions that they might have  from their research.

ROMANIA: Lectures given by the Summer University Called "Social Responsibility - SOCIETAL" ( which will be during the next summer in Danube delta.

MALTA: Lectures will be given from the Department of Environmental Science of  Malta University

BULGARIA: Lectures will be given from NGO Greenpeace in Bulgaria. There will be at least 2 lectures in order for the young people to understand the basics about Climate Changes.

ESTONIA:  There will be a lecture about global warming and the consequences of it in Tartu University. Thusly we will also learn the methods of how to save the world from this ecological disaster.

AUSTRIA: Most likely it is possible to hear a lecture on the university of Innsbruck (Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck). We also have to cooperate with schools and search for youngsters who are interested in the topic. For this reason it could also be possible that we will just take part in a special lesson in school.



May – July 2014

Project planning and implementation. The project includes the creation of four posters, in every country. The Posters will represent the Global Warming problem and ways to reduce the phenomenon. The posters can be   in any form, like comics but they must be  accurate and enjoyable


July 2014

Article preparation from groups by each country ,writing about their work and what they have done.


July 2014

Create a Web Page based on the project. The page will be created by the group from Cyprus where all the articles and posters will be published. Web page is here.


July 2014

Create a leaflet about Youth Exchange. The event will take place in August, in Cyprus.


August 2014

Production of Ballpens, stickers and calendars with project’s logo.


August 2014

Youth Exchange (10 days) in Cyprus.


August 2014

Event in which we will exhibit the information for the program and the photos taken about the Global Warming phenomenon. We will invite the media in order to share our experience with other people.


September 2014

Creation of News Letters and leaflets that will be given to young people,  local societies, departments of education.


November 2014

Create a  video about the whole project. The video will be prepared by the group from Cyprus.


Novemper 2014

 Set up  the ‘Global Warming letter’. The letter will include indications in ways that people can act, in order to eliminate the Global Warming phenomenon.


November 2014

Posters will be plced  in  town centers (not only in Limassol Cyprus but also in Varna, Bulgaria). We will have a street information campain (stants and kiosks in busy city squares)


December 2014

Final modification of our web page.


February 2015

Present the action of the program in the 4thSience Congress of Cyprus.


March 2015

Evaluation of the program