Calculate your Carbon FootPrint

In this page you will find information of how you will calculate your personal Carbon Footprint. This Action must done from all participants so to be able to discuss about our carbon footprint and what we can do about this. Please follow the directions of this page so to calculate correst your carbon footprint. As an example Im calculating my carbon footprint

1. Follow the link to go to the webpage which you will calculate your carbon footprint. It will open this webpage

In the Country you will put your country and you will try to calculate your carbon footprint for last year from 1/1/2013 till 31/12/2013.

2. When you finish with this you will go down to the webpage where you will click button House as it shown in the photo

3. A new page has opened now. In this webpage you have to talk with your parents if you dont pay all the bills of energy that you have in your hause. If you pay the bills you have to put all the energy that you are using in your house. As you can see in the following photo

you have to put how many KWH your house spent all over the year. You can find the exact number of KWh in your electricity bill. In Cyprus we dont have system of Natural gas but if you have in your country you have to put also the natural gas that you are using in your house. I dont have heating system in my house but if you have you have to put the ammount of heating oil that you used last year in your house. Also you have to do tha same with all sources of energy that you are seeing above. Be carefull you have to put the exact sources that you use in your house. When you finish with all energy sources of your house you have to click on the button Calculate Household Print to calculate the footprin of your house. Then when this footprin is calculated push the button flights to go to next page.

4. Here we will calculate our footprint for the flights that we had last year. We have to remember all our trips which has been made from you last year. For me last year i had only one trip from Larnaca to Sallonica (Macedonia Greece) as you can see in photo 

You have also to tick in the box showned above so to include also radioactive forcing (good question: what's this? a good discussion can be made in youth exchange if you know, if you dont try to learn or to understand)

5. If you have more than one trips with airplane for last year when you will push the button calculate & add to Footprint the space is empty again and you can put all your flights one by one with the same procedure. Be carefull before you leave from this page you have to see your flight footprint as in the photo below in the box below the calculation. If you dont have flights last year click to car so to go to next calculation who has to do with your car.

6. Car foot print. If you dont have car or you are not moving with car go to next session. You have to put the Km that you are doing with your car in one year and the efficiency of your car as the photo below.

Then click on calculate &Add to Footprint (if you have second car you have to do it again for the second car). When you will calculate your Car footprint go to the next page which is for motorbike.

7. I dont use motorbike but if you do you have to put mileage that you have done and you have also to put efficiency of your motorbike as it was explained for the cars.

When you finish follow the page to the next one which is Bus & Rail. Dont forget to take Motorbikes footprin with calculate button.

8. Bus & Rail

I dont use Bus or Rails or anything that showned in the picture above due to that i use a lot of my car. I believe that all the participants are using a lot of these so you have to calculate how many km you are doing all over the year with each one of buses or rails. Then you have to calculate this footprint for you

When you will calculate your total Bus & Rail Fotprint click on the button secondary where you will find some questions to answer

9. In the following photo you see the questions. Each question has from 3 to 5 answers. Choose the answer that is more appropriate for your case and then the button Calculate

10. We finished with our carbon footprint. You will have final results now in a photo like the photo that it follows.

As you can see this footprint is bigger than average carbon footprint of my country and much more bigger than worlds target. What we can do about this? good point for discussion. Find your footprin and prin this results so to know about yourself what is going on with your carbon footprint.

Some ideas of reducing your carbon footprint here: