APV meeting, Information Meeting of CCAFAF,

(Hotel Peykos, Limassol, 25 to 27 of April 2014)

From 25 to 27 of April we had the information meeting of the program Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion. The program of the meeting is following with details and photos of the actions that took place in the pre meeting of Youth Exchange CCAFAF

Program of Preparation Meeting (Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion)

Friday 25 of April



Until 18.00

Arrival of the Participants. The participants took the bus from the airport to Limassol. Upon arrival we met in Limassol and drove them in the hotel in Limassol. Till the evening almost all the participants arrived at the hotel. In the meeting they were taking part 7 participants from 7 different countries. The persons who participated in the information meeting of CCAFAF was

  1. Cyprus: Nikolas Nikolaou
  2. Malta: Myriam Soler
  3. Romania: Ioana Gabriela Bese
  4. Bulgaria: Antoaneta Pophlebarova
  5. Austria: Benjamin Stern
  6. Poland: Magdalena Szewczyk
  7. Estonia: Ann Saks

During all actions we had also some more members from Cyprus which they wanted to help with the Youth Exchange. These members where Lefki Nikolaou (youth trainer) and Evanthia Charalambous Neocleous (From parents association of Saint Anthony’s High School). In the following sections some photos will be for documentation of the actions.




Welcoming Drink – un opportunity to meet each other. After dinner we had the opportunity to had a drink in the hotel and to discuss about our organizations and meet one another for better organization of Youth Exchange that will take place in August

Saturday 26 of April




Lecture for Climate Changes and what we can do in the project. Introduction to the program.


Morning meeting about all action through the whole project till the time we will have the exchange in Cyprus. In this discussion we will make an action plan for each country during next 3 months till youth exchange in August.  An introduction of the program was made by Mr. Nikola Nikolaou and to this introduction each organization understood what to do in their countries until the Youth exchange in August (from 24 till 31 of August 2014).

Economical Status of the program. Discussion of how we will arrange tickets and travelling about the Youth Exchange. A discussion was made separately about the economical status in each case. All the organization agreed the tickets to be taken from Cyprus and to arrange all economical status during the exchange. 

Visit to the place that youth exchange will be hosted (during the visit we will arrange all the details and problems that will appear). We made the visit in the camp in Platres Troodos where the Youth Exchange will take place in August.

(from our return journey from Platres to Limassol in a village on the road)

The people from the camp explained to all participants whatever they had to ask so as to know all the details about their staying in the camp during the Youth exchange.



Return to the hotel




Reflection time (questions about the agenda, what they have learned in that day, how the knowledge earned, is going to be used)


Cyprus night at a restaurant with dance. When our work was finished it was time for Cyprus night in a restaurant in Limassol with music. We went to the restaurant ΟΙΝΕΑΣ in Limassol and we were dancing till the morning.


Sunday 26 of April




Morning meeting for refreshing all the actions that will be done in each country. All the questions about the Youth exchange where gone and we decided to do all that we had to do till Youth Exchange. The groups of the participants are almost ready (the groups from Malta, Poland, Estonia and Cyprus are ready and the groups from Romania, Austria and Bulgaria will be ready till the end of the May)


Walk to Limassol Center and sightseeing. Morning walk at Limassol Center, they took whatever they wanted from souvenirs and after this each one was leaving for their countries full of experiences and memories and waiting for Youth Exchange in August.

End of Preparation  Meeting