Feelings (Antoaneta Pophlebarova, Bulgarian Youth Leader)

10/18/2014 20:45

A letter to facebook group

Dear Sir Nikolas - Master of Ceremony!

On behalf of the Bulgarian team we would like to express our thanks and admiration to You personally for organizing, hosting, instructing and animating such a PERFECT youth exchange!

At our age, when we have not travelled much, it is easy to judge the countries by the people we know from them. Now, observing you for these eight days, we can say that all Cypriots are:
- generous people with BIG HEARTS,
- non-stop party masters and Lords of the Dance,
- kind people who care for all your needs as if you are part of their family,
- big eaters of the most delicious food ever,
- 24/7 support!

So, thank you for your unending energy and enormous soul that made us feel at home, happy and relaxed and last but not the least learn so much more about the problems of our planet and ways to protect it.

We all love you and adore Cyprus!