CCAFAF in Platres, Cyprus. REPORT by Ann Saks, Estonia

11/16/2014 17:43

During the last week of august 70 participants from seven different countries participated in a youth exchange called „Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion“.  Hopefully everybody agrees that it was great time with great people. Here you will see the Estonian participants’ emotions and thoughts regarding the passed exchange.

What youth exchanges typically are about is gaining knowledge about an important topic through various non-formal learning methods, making friends from different cultural backgrounds, practising a second language and most importantly, getting loads of wonderful memories. For us all the mentioned factors were presented during the week in Platres.

We loved that we could explore such a beautiful island that Cyprus is and feel the sense of freedom you can only experience in the mountains (it is rather known that Estonia is synonymous with flatland). It was also unique chance to get to know not one but altogether six culutures with their cuisine, language, traditional music and dances. For us the most exotic and hence most interesting of them was the Cypriot one. We are lucky to have enjoyed a walk on the promenade in Limassol, taste halloumi and Commandaria and dance along to local dance moves.

Our contribution to the project was letting others know what are our main concerns connected with climate change and what changes could be done to prevent further changes. When presenting Estonian culture we introduced traditional dishes, from which some might remember mustard with its distinctive taste, folk dances that we also taught to the ones interested and of course the most useful phrase in Estonia - Terviseks!.

Looking back on the exchange, the most lasting impact has been connections. We are very happy to say that we have already made arrengements to keep them through oncoming projects. Lastly, if anybody is interested, know that you are always welcome to Estonia!