The Vista School Rap on Climate Change

10/18/2014 20:27

The Vista School Rap on Climate change
(presented in Cyprus by our team)

The change of climate looms ahead
All the planet might be dead.
If we close our eyes and live like that Life of future generations will be bad.

Droughts and floods, hurricane and landslide,
It is the truth that no one should hide.
Bulgaria expected summer but
Whole town and neighborhoods were dug in mud.

Temperature is rising sharp
Oil and gas are running out.
To go to beach without protection
May cause trouble greater than infection.

No need to dig your head in sand
Let's face the truth and take a stand.
Step one - be aware,
Step two - never despair.

Climate changes as fast as fashion,
But to control it is our passion.
Teens from seven countries join efforts
To camp in the land of Cypriots.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, dude
Consume less and don't pollute
Share knowledge with the rest
Switch off the lights and do your best!

For Planet Earth depends on us
We either save it or go BUST!