Dissemination of results

Here we will have all the actions that are doing which they provide the results of our Youth Exchange


Dissemination of results

04/06/2015 11:39

4th Cyprus Conference in NAtural Sciences Students and Teachers

Results of our program were represent in 4 ways to the conference: (a) Reflets of our project were given to all participants with the program of the conference. (b) Marios Prokopiou and Theodoros Kastros (participants of CCAFAF) represent the program in a represantation as you can see from the...
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02/03/2015 18:34

European Youth Exchange Programme (Website of Malta's Organisation)

Climate Changes as Fast as Fashion  A group of Junior College students together with partners from Cyprus,...
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11/30/2014 16:31

The learning teachers magazine

An article from Magdalena Szewczyk from Poland about Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion (pages 16 and 17) from the magazine www.learningteacher.eu/sites/learningteacher.eu/files/flipbook/567/Web/index.html The_Learning_Teacher_Magazine_3-4-2014 www.learningteacher.eu  
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10/18/2014 20:36

Paideia News (electronically news about education in Cyprus)

Το Λύκειο Αγίου Αντωνίου πήρε χρηματοτοδότηση Ευρωπαϊκού Προγράμματος για τις κλιματικές...
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10/18/2014 20:33

Newspaper Lemesos (Cyprus)

Το Λύκειο Αγίου Αντωνίου πήρε χρηματοτοδότηση Ευρωπαϊκού Προγράμματος για τις κλιματικές αλλαγές....
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10/18/2014 20:29

Cy News (electronically newpaper in Cyprus)

First Announcement to Cyprus News about the program Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=481000771957070&story_fbid=755952647795213
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10/18/2014 20:22

Exhibition of CCAFAF results in Saint Anthony's High School. Cyprus

The exhibition took place in Saint Anthony's High School in Limassol and all the students, teachers and parent association have seen the results of our program. Some photos of the exhibition.
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