Before the project in Cyprus we had a supported activity regarding documenting ourselves about the global warming, making posters that would reveal the most accurately possible this problem that should concern us all. We believe that one of the main problems in Romania is corruption, failure to correctly apply the laws, deriving from here carelessness towards the environment by destroying many natural areas yet industrially unexploited and even tourism. In Romania the healthiest living environment is the one in rural areas due to the nonpolluting way of exploiting the earth, method always used with positive results for the environment and humans. The main occupations of the inhabitants are farming, taking care of the livestock and forestry operations just to build their houses and for heating during the wintertime. Also, in these areas the alimentation is very healthy thanks to the food products coming from the household in proportion of almost 100%: potatoes, jams, honey, milk, meat, eggs; even cold and fresh water is taken from wells located in these households.


The purpose of this project was to raise the awareness of the global warming and furthermore, the use of alternative, renewable energy sources.

The 4 posters that we’ve made for this project were conceived by 3 members of our group and illustrate the following main climate changes (and their causes) in Romania:

Poster n° 1 (Final message: STOP Global Warming & enjoy nature!):

  • more extreme air temperatures
  • longer periods without precipitations
  • decrease of the average wind speed
  • increase in days with more than 10 mm/day of precipitation

Poster n° 2:

  • Education + Responsibility = Green Planet – Illustrating the idea that a proper “climate awareness” education leads to the development of a responsibility sense and thus a “green planet”.

Poster n° 3:

A collection of photos illustrating 2 of the actual biggest climate problems in Romania caused by human factors: hydraulic fracturing (also known worldwide as “fracking”) and the illegal construction of micro-hydroelectric power plants.

Poster n° 4:

A recap of all the climate changes/causes in Romania, having in the background a photo taken by one of the members of our group during a 3-days trip in the Apuseni mountains from the Carpathian chain. The photo is taken near the small village Garda de Sus (near Casa de Piatra) and illustrates the illegal massive tree cutting actions that happen in the National Park Apuseni. Although the not so numerous locals have already protested once against these criminal actions, nothing happened and the illegal exploitations of those wild, beautiful sceneries is still taking place. One of the locals has personally informed us that unless more than 100 people from the region will gather and make a huge manifestation/protest, nothing will ever change. “But most of the people are weak, are afraid, for themselves and for their family.”, he says. “Till we won’t have the courage to all stand united and stop them for stealing our forests, our land away from us, we can just sit and watch this tree mafia tearing down our homeland.”