Here you will find all activities that has been to Cyprus for purposes of the program.

On April 2014 the first meeting of our group took place in the St. Antonis high school. It was a preparation meeting in which we had the chance to get to know each other and discuss general introducing things about the project. The most important thing that we discussed was our logo. After a lot of suggestions and arguments we finally ended up in the name of “Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion” because we wanted to emphasize and show how fast the climate is changing in the past years in terms of something that new generation can easily understand as fashion. Later on, we decided that we should make some sample pictures for the logo and some persons of the team took that responsibility. Finally we arranged our next action as a team which was our visit to Nicosia for an informative presentation.

On 27th of July we visited George Zittis in Nicosia, a member of our team which has specialized knowledge for the subject of Climate Changes. During our meeting he made us a general presentation about the subject explaining us a lot of things and answering a lot of our queries. After the presentation we made a long discussion in where we had the chance to understand a lot more about our project and get deeper into the subject. In the second part of our meeting we made the action plan for the upcoming events. More specifically, we discussed about our next visit which would take place in Platres Village, and for the organization of our accommodation there. We discussed about our cultural night and what each one of us should bring as well as for our responsibilities during and prior our staying there. More information about this meeting in Nicosia you will find here:

The next meeting of our group as mentioned above was made in Platres village. All the members of our team gathered and we visited the camp place. In there Mr. (name) welcomed us and showed us all the places of the camp including our tents, the restaurant, the bathrooms and the working area. We had the chance to see when we are going to work and have our cultural nights and therefore we could prepare better. After our tour in the camp place we also went to the Kalidonia nature path in which we are going hiking during our staying. We gathered all the information needed for hiking as well as for our staying and arranged our next meeting which would took place in our school. You will find some photos of this visits to these webpages,

On 21st and 22nd of July we spent our days in the school preparing the posters of the program, organizing and structuring the games writing the reports and making the presentations. Each one of us had different responsibility which should manage to finish it until the end of the second day. Photos of these actions here:,,

Until the days of the trip, our team will meet one time to arrange the last details and organize the transportation from the airport to the camp and one more time to visit again Platres and talk about some last details.