Estonia team's actions for CCAFAF

On a sunny day in July Estonian group members gathered together to discuss the important topic of climate change and global warming. The meeting was held on a solitary beach, reminding us most important issues for Estonia as a maritime nation – sea pollution and rising sea level.

We had previously investigated the subject pretty closely and it turned out that everybody had different opinion and point of view to the problem. Some thought that we might not be affected by climate change at all and if we were, it would not be big of a problem because nature is able to balance itself. Opposing views expressed that although the changes might not be apparent now, they will be in the future, when next generations will have to deal with damages caused by us. It also came to the topic that the uncommon hot and dry summer weather could possibly be one sign of developing change.

We realised how many threats we will be facing as a nation if climate continues to get warmer. However, Estonia with quite moderate climate is not as strongly affected by caprices of the Earth as most countries. Still, each individual needs to rethink their lifestyle to help to ease the problem, only togehter we can make a change.

All in all, at the end of the day we set some tasks to each member, and for the outcome we got four very different posters expressing the problems with global warming.