Romania, Support for Youth Development Association, Cluj-Napoca

The role of our organization in this project - is to make sure that the purpose of your project will be completed, that our participation will bring only benefits to the project and that we will achieve your expectations.
In order to be sure that you will have a fruitfull and successful project our association organizes a carefull selection of the participants. In this way we make sure that each participant  has the interest in the topic of the project.
Consequently by taking part in this types  of projects the youth enlarged their general and specific knowledge. Meeting people from different countries they have the opportunity to share experiences,   exchange ideas to become better citizens and to have the strenght to face the life as it really is.
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Support 4 Youth Development is an Association entirely dedicated to the development of youth. Its mission is to stimulate and sustain young people’s active, civic and responsible participation to the educational, social, cultural and economic environment of the communities they live in.
Support 4 Youth Development concentrates its efforts on activities with clear objectives, such as the development, support and reinforcement of the counseling, informing and forming processes of the target generation, in a European context. These objectives will be met by means of creating the favorable environment in the communities of these young people for the enhancement of their personal and professional performance. Furthermore, their needs will constantly be identified and fulfilled through a large array of sustainable activities.  
For its well-functioning, this association relies on the principles of responsible volunteering, self-motivation and self-determination, active civic participation, taking initiative, involvement and cooperation, adaptability, continuity, competence, competitiveness, friendship, mutual respect and support, democracy, transparency, equity, legality, durability, social dialogue, tolerance, versatility and non-discrimination.
At international level, since its establishment the Support 4 Youth Development Association is a member of the United Youth Development Organization, which has hundreds of members from 35 countries, and fights against global poverty, inequality and injustice affecting the young generation. Also, it is a member of IDA (International Development Alliance).