Bulgaria, BalkanKids Foundation, Varna

Our NGO will be a sustainable and active partner in this exchange. We will cooperate in writing the project's program of activities in the preparation phase and in selecting the youngsters for the exchange. We will collect materials and prepare presentations on the current policies against global warming in our country. We will actively participate in the exchange by leading parts of the program and will start an awareness raising campaign in our country on the ecological threats to the planet.
Contact person: Ms Pophlebarova Antoaneta, email: vistaschool@abv.bg
Facebook page of the organization : www.facebook.com/balkankids

The BalkanKids Foundation was started in 2004 with the aim of promoting the idea of multiculturalism within young people and stimulating the integration into European civic and cultural life of young people with fewer opportunities - disabled, orphans, low-income. We are active partners in a number of international projects within the Youth in Action Programme. We are currently hosting 6 EVS volunteers who are working with orphans and blind children and are in close cooperation with a very active group of volunteers  - the Dolphins. Together we initiate large charity campaigns aimed at renovating hospital rooms for children, start awareness raising campaigns on global issues among which climate change is a priority and care for disadvantaged children's  personal growth and development.