Malta, G.F. Abela University of Malta Junior College

The Junior College will play an active role in this project. It will participate in the common preparatory activities such as the planning of the dedicated website, drafting related material in collaboration with the Cypriot promoter, carrying out research on the project focus theme etc. Also, we will be attending the preparatory meeting in Cyprus, as well as plan and carry out evaluation sessions with the Maltese participants prior, during and following the project’s completion.
Furthermore, a group of 8 students and 2 leaders will attend the Youth Exchange which is planned to take place in Cyprus during the month of August 2014. The Maltese partner will be involved in all the planned follow-up activities, including dissemination of results, and the creation of News Letters and leaflets that will be distributed to young people, local entities / organisations, departments of education etc.
Contact Person: Ms Chaneva Boryana, email:
webpage of the organization:

The University of Malta Junior College caters for students coming from all parts of the Island and offers a 2 year course leading to University. The College currently hosts approx. 3000 young men and women aged 16 – 18 with the support of over 200 staff members. It is the major institution in Malta which prepares students for tertiary education, where the vast subjects made available for students ranging from Languages, Sciences, Business & IT, Humanities are considered to be a "passport" to a university course. Inclusion is considered an added value and students attending the College come from different socio-economic backgrounds, migrants, refugees, as well as pupils with special needs.
The College is committed to providing a holistic education, and encourages the participation in European and international projects, thus proving various forms of learning, amongst which Non – formal and Intercultural education.
Within this project, the Junior College aims to promote the sciences, active and European citizenship. The various science departments, amongst which Environmental Sciences will be the primary target group.  Furthermore, with the activities planned as part of this project, we also aim to enrich our students from an intercultural point of view and provide them with the right tools and skills to become more creative and forward - looking individuals. The young people involved in this project and traveling will be in the age range between 16 / 17 year old.