Poland, Prywatne Salezjanskie Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace, Wroclaw

School Private Salesian High School will be involved in all activities planned in the schedule. The school will be responsible for the promotion of the project and dissemination of the results.
Contact Person: Mrs Szewczyk Magdalena, email: magda.szewczyk@slo-wroc.pl
Webpage of the organization: www.liceum-wroc.salezjanie.pl

Private Salesian High School is a private school led by Salesian Community. It has existed for 13 years. The school is located in Wroclaw - a big city in the southwest of Poland. There are students whose parents pay for school and students from poorer families who do not pay any fees for attending the school. School has grants for poorer students. We have 3 physically challenged students and some students with decreased level of demands during classes.  As well as achieving good academic results, the school provides a very wide range of cultural, sporting, physical, social and extra-curricular activities for students from other schools and local area, which are open for poor and disabled students. The school offers opportunities for students involvement in activities which take place after school, at weekends and at holiday time. The school focuses attention on relationships between parents and teachers. Parents are contacted and invited up to school if there is concern felt for their children in the field of either studies or behaviour. There are organized parent and teacher trips. In our school students are taught English, German, or French, Latin and Spanish.
The school has a title of CENTER OF ECOLOGICAL ACTIVITY in Poland and on 22 November 2013, during a regional meeting Schools for Sustainable Development  Private Salesian High School for the first time has been certified by GREEN FLAG. The certificate was given to the school for special ecological activities. So its role is to attract the attention of society to the problem of global warming and climate changes.